Saturday, August 10, 2019

My 22nd Birthday And A Preview Of How I Spent My Day With A Short Video Clip And A Story.

Hello guys, I want to start by thanking God for his grace and mercy upon my life, for blessing and favouring me all the days of my life, and most especially for adding one more year to my life.
I also want to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that showed me love in one way or the other, those that texted me, called me, sent me gifts and wished me more.

OK, let me tell my story of how my day was spent.

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which is a working day for me because I have started my Industrial Training in a private hospital. I planned not celebrating my day because of time and funds but on a second thought I decided to buy a cake and share at least for my friends this year because I did nothing last year tho I was broke but I was hoping that things will turn out well.

First, I went to do my hair, my nails and my lashes a day before my birthday to look good for myself which is actually the birthday gift I gave myself.
The next day was my big day,which i received a lot of calls and messages both from family, friends and a special somebody in my life who was the first person that called me by twelve in the morning to wish me well. 

Ahh, my parents called me that morning to wish me well and promised to send me a token for my birthday for the first time while am in school which they did. A friend also said he will buy me a present for my birthday and take me out for launch which he did and the rest of the gifts I got from friends.

I was on afternoon shift that day which is meant to be from 2pm to 7pm in the evening so when I came to work, my colleagues were telling me happy birthday because I told them about my birthday and they knew when it was. I was feeling so special and loved that day, I had this joy and happiness inside me because I got the highest birthday call and messages this year that's why this year's birthday seems special to me unlike.

To my greatest surprise my manager said to me " go and get your bag am taking you out today but after that we will go to church" because he was going to church with two of his friends that afternoon so I said no problem.
He asked me to drop my lab coat because I won't be coming back that day so he took permission from the head of department in the lab before we left.
 When I was in the car, a lot of things were going through my mind, I felt like shading tears, I wasn't expecting that kind of favour and God did it for me, giving me a birthday present which was what made my day different and unique from other days.

We were still on the way when he asked me what I want to take and I said only cake. He asked me what kind of cake and I said a birthday cake. We got to five star food and resturant to buy cake but the person that is meant to design the cake was not around so we decided to buy elsewhere or on Monday so that i will bring it to work and share as part of the celebration. He asked his other two friends to order the food they wanted which he also asked me to take food and I said no tho I was hunger but I was comporting myself then he said to me, "are trying to be modest " I smiled and said yes. He said no problem, you should take food and you will still get your cake.
After that, we went to church then had a small conversation with us that involves advice which is where we ate our food and I went home from there to rest without going back to work because that was my special free day.

Later, in the evening I was taken out to buy my own cake from  Crunchies and other things with a friend that is more than close to me.
Finally, I had two birthday cakes this year and I pray for more favour and blessings upon my life. More grace, money, success, long life and prosperity, good health and the most of all is to accomplish the will of God in my life.

My 22nd Birthday And A Preview Of How I Spent My Day On My Birthday.
Below is a video clip of my day I complied together on YouTube to keep my memories saved.

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